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Partner connect with cloud services

​Business Requirement

A manufacturing company needed a better way to work securely with partners in other countries. Partnership agreements, procedures, specifications and designs were being developed, and it was increasingly difficult to manage the many versions of documents going back and forth. The reliance on email to share information lacked sufficient security. Time zone differences exacerbated the problem. As more partners came on board, the problem was becoming untenable. A solution was needed that could be implemented quickly, wouldn't require upgrades to the IT system, and could be easily managed as more partners came on board.


Microsoft SharePoint 2013, with excellent collaboration, document management and search tools, was the answer. Microworks worked with the company to design and deploy a Microsoft SharePoint 2013 cloud solution in our secure data centre.

Each partner has a collaboration site. Within the site, there are areas where content is uploaded by the company and cannot be altered by the partner. There are areas where the company and the partner can work together on documents. Versioning ensures that everyone is working with the latest information.

The solution is secured using Secure Socket Layer. Password changes are forced frequently by the company, ensuring that only defined users in the partner company can access the site. Auditing allows document activity to be monitored on a monthly basis.

A template was created of the partner site, and designated company staff can quickly create sites for new partners.


  • A secure solution for working with partners around the world
  • No more emailing documents
  • Easy to manage and extend the solution
  • Ability to create new sites quickly
  • Information secured in Microworks' data centre. Information is stored in Canada and is protected by Canada's privacy laws.
  • No costly IT upgrade required.
  • Solution operational within two weeks.

For 30 years, Microworks has been providing IT solutions that work. We take the time to understand our customer’s business needs, then design solutions that win high user adoption. From strategy to infrastructure, we plan, design, build and support solutions for information workers.