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Share, store & find your information

Information is your organization’s most valuable asset, and SharePoint is a cost-effective and powerful solution that lets you share, store and find your information anywhere, any time.​

With SharePoint, you can:

  • Retrieve and re-use your company’s best work
  • Know the knowledge you have and the knowledge you don’t
  • Manage people, projects and documents in one environment

 8 Steps for SharePoint success:

  1. Find a champion for the project. Ensure management sees the benefit of SharePoint to solving urgent business needs.
  2. Develop a strategic plan and governance framework.
  3. Implement iteratively in manageable phases. Don’t try to do everything at once. Tackle the high priority items that will give the best ROI first.
  4. Success = user adoption. Plan for this from the beginning of the project.
  5. Support SharePoint with good IM policies and practices. Develop metadata and taxonomy that reflect your unique business needs.
  6. Establish content scope as early as possible. Not all types of information can and should be managed in SharePoint.
  7. Do pilot projects and prototypes to ensure all requirements have been captured and to help gain user acceptance.
  8. Develop a training plan early in the project. Develop key messages and build excitement as the project progresses.